Therapist Box is an online directory for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, and other licensed mental health professionals. The Directory is also a guide for the General Public in finding the right therapist.

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The Therapist Box has been designed by Marinda Reynecke, a Counselling Psychologist in private practice. The website is a helpful source for parents, teachers and the general public.

The Therapist Box provides professionals / therapists working in a mental health setting, private practice or teaching environment the opportunity to register on our directory.

Listing on The therapist Box will provide jh useful tools and techniques.

The Therapist Box online directory is therefore available to the general public and professionals.

This website does not replace Psychotherapy, and the resources are intended for use of Professionals registered with the HPSCA working with patients. All information for the general public is a guideline and not intended to replace therapy, in retrospect these public resources are to help guide you in choosing the correct therapist.

About Marinda

Marinda Reynecke is a Qualified Counselling Psychologist who has been working in private practice for the past 14 years. On completing her Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology she had the opportunity to work in England. During her stay abroad she gained chartered psychologist status with the British Psychological Society.

She worked at the Wellington Hospital in London for 2 years and thereafter started up her own private practice. During 2007 Marinda and her family decided to return to their home country of birth , South Africa.

Since their return she has been in Private Practice at Intercare Medical Centre in Pretoria East.

She also consults with patients at Pretoria East Hospital and Denmar Psychiatric Hospital.