4 November 2016. Cultural Issues in Play Therapy Workshop. Each participant will receive:

  • A clear understanding of:
    • The theory of cross-cultural therapy:
      • From sensitivity to competence in working across cultures, including changing views of working across cultures, the expanding definition of "culture" and its implications for treatment, and developing active competence: Moving from knowledge to behaviour; and
      • Play in selected cultures, including diversity and universality and universal aspects of play.
      • Potential barriers to multicultural work, and suggested solutions, including issues of privacy, trust and beliefs; English as a secondary language; use of translators; personal space, eye contact and expression; and evidence-based interventions.
  • The Impact of Culture on Art Therapy with Children.
  • The use of indigenous games as therapeutic tools.
  • Ethical considerations, including skills, attitudes and personalities of the therapist and effectiveness of treatment, an cost effective strategies.

Cultural Issues in Play Therapy Workshop Details:

Date: 4 November 2016

Time: 09H00 – 16H00

Venue:  Vista Clinic

Cost: R942 (Discount available for Students & Interns)

HPCSA:  6 points applied for


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