Many people with mental illnesses have thoughts of suicide, or attempt suicide. Suicide is the main cause of premature death in people with mental health problems,1 but many suicides can be prevented. This factsheet looks at risk factors for suicide and ways in which suicide might be prevented.

  • Many factors play a part in increasing someone‘s risk of suicide, including experiencing mental health problems.
  • If you are worried that someone may be considering suicide, talk to them. Ask them about how they are feeling and offer to help.
  • You can help a person who is feeling suicidal by listening to them without judging them and by trying to help them think about alternative options. You may need to get crisis help.
  • Helping someone with suicidal thoughts is likely to have a big impact on you. Find out what support is available to you. If someone does make a suicide attempt, this is not your fault.
  • Crisis and emergency services are available to people to people who are at risk of suicide.
  • Deliberate self-harm is not normally an attempt at suicide, but it can indicate someone may be more likely to try to take their own life in the future.

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Author: Dr Susan Kriegler