“Don’t take anything literally but always look deeper. For example, if you drink too much, what is your [mind] looking for in the alcohol? If you eat too much, what part of your [mind] is in need of nourishing? Think poetically and never respond on a surface level.” - Thomas Moore

I am a clinical psychologist in full-time private practice, focusing on longer-term depth therapy with adults and young adults.

I help my clients:

  • gain insight into how their current concerns have developed, and to
  • work through the internal factors that render them feeling stressed, depressed, and otherwise “stuck” in their lives.

I understand my clients largely within a psychodynamic framework (focusing on the conscious and unconscious, and exploring how earlier life experiences influence our relationships and perceptions today).

My work is also informed by other theories (namely: cognitive behaviour theory, mindfulness, existentialism, and critical theory).

Please call me during office hours to schedule a consultation.