Izelle is a registered Counselling Psychologist and completed her Masters Degree at the University of Pretoria. She subsequently worked at various University counseling centers, psychiatric clinics and established her private practice.  She is married and now practices in Somerset West.

She offers short term individual therapy to adults and adolescents. Her approach is experiential – focusing upon the client’s experience in the present moment and increasing their awareness so as to help them identify the obstacles that hinder them from living a full life.  She believes that living that is not based on the truth of oneself (a lack of awareness) often lead to feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety or fear. By increasing one’s awareness and authenticity one becomes able to organize one’s existence in a more meaningful manner. Consistent with an experiential approach she often utilizes creative activities during her sessions to enhance self-knowledge and empower clients to take greater responsibility for their lives.

Izelle is also a qualified relationship therapist and completed the clinical training in Imago Relationship Therapy. She offers couples therapy and encourages conjoint therapy where both partners attend the therapy in order to work on their relationship. She also enjoys working with all newlyweds and engaged couples and offers private pre-marital preparation sessions that focus on building conscious, mature and fulfilling relationships.

Her sessions are facilitated in Afrikaans or English and she is available on Saturdays.