My training

I am a registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professional Council of South Africa, and certified as an Integral Coach through the Centre for Coaching (Graduate School of Business – UCT).  I am also registered as a Coaching Practitioner with the ICF (International Coach Federation) with PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation.

My offering

My coaching approach is to challenge people’s thinking to create new behaviour to get different results.  The approach is also to enable a person to flex or enhance his/her way of being.  As human beings we sometimes get stuck in habitual practices and to become self-aware of those practices.  Together with the client to design and develop capabilities/practices to be able to live in a world by behaving and thinking differently in terms of what the coachable topic is.  My approach is also to coach integrally, which addresses the cognitive, emotional and somatic levels.    I enjoy doing career coaching where the focus is career construction for life design which includes career transition coaching.