Verulam, a small farming town on the North-Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, is where it all began. As a young girl I was always fascinated by books, any type of books. I reveled in them and marveled at the beauty of words and mystical places. Growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I was fortunate to be exposed to education and reading by my parents. Especially my dad, who would tuck me under his arms every night and made me, read an excerpt from the Daily News. This ritual developed an unfathomable bond between a father and daughter. This bond fuelled my love for knowledge and spurred me on to investigate a career in Psychology. Always fascinated in the brain, human body and understanding how the mechanisms of the mind, body and soul gelled together, I was intrigued to pursue a degree in Psychology.

After many years of trials and tribulations, no formal experience or exposure to counseling or therapy and watching my parents provide guidance, advice and support to individuals, couples and families enamored me. Formal information of psychology was limited and basic at best, I was unable to understand this passion burning within me. I needed something to support my belief in the holistic understanding and functioning of people. Call it fate or destiny, but my eyes locked onto an advertisement in the Daily News paper, on the far right hand corner, in miniscule print regarding Applied Psychology being offered through a University in Southern Queensland. I was now intrigued, with the assistance of my late brother we contacted the number and the journey into psychology began. On completion of the undergraduate degree, I realized there were no opportunities for me, so I started counseling at the Verulam Child and Family Welfare Centre as a volunteer. I realized I now needed to complete my Honors degree in Psychology, which I did through the University of South Africa. The trials began; I could do nothing with this as I needed to get into a Master Program. My now late dad’s words echoed in my ears, “Try and Fail but Don’t Fail to Try”, this was all the motivation I required to succeed. I did not get selected into the Master’s program on my first attempt, I was not deterred by this devastating blow. I started enquiring about other options and literally stumbled onto the registered counselor category offered by the HPCSA. I was fortunate to be accepted by Hospivision to complete the 6- month internship program and during that time I was also accepted into the Masters program for Clinical Psychology.

As an Independent Clinical Psychologist, I have realized that like every other profession, we require counselors to assist us, especially trained counselors. I have a passion for teaching and supervising people interested in developing their counseling skills as I believe that their skills are invaluable and already walked this difficult path, I want to provide some level of expertise and hope to people to continue with developing their counseling skills. These skills are priceless in personal, professional and organizational development and growth and I want to ensure that we don’t lose good counselors because of the stringent selection criteria set out by the Universities and professional bodies. This is my dream and passion to spread knowledge and DO NO HARM.


“Service to Man is Service to God” Swami Vivekananda