I work as a Clinical Psychologist offering assessment and short and long-term psychotherapy for teenagers, adults, and couples with a wide range of emotional and support needs.

Psychotherapy is useful not only in helping people in severe psychological distress, but also in facilitating self-discovery, insight, and growth. So whether you are adjusting to a big change in your life (such as a divorce, the birth of a baby, a new job), experiencing difficulties in your relationships, struggling to cope after losing someone close, experiencing a mood or anxiety disorder (such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder), or wanting time for self-exploration, therapy can help you manage your challenges.

Creating a safe and confidential space to explore current and past experiences can lead to healing and growth, and I strongly believe that a genuine and warm therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is a critical part of this process.

I work from a psychodynamic orientation but work in an integrative way depending on your particular needs. This means that therapy is collaborative, where we work together to understand your situation and difficulties from your unique viewpoint. Greater curiosity about yourself and increased self-awareness can help you to recognise and shift destructive or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. This insight can also help you to build more meaningful relationships and allow you to live a rich, rewarding and balanced life

My areas of interest include health and wellness, adjustment to change, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement and loss, ageing and death, stress, depression and anxiety (including panic attacks), existential struggles, personal growth and relationship difficulties. I also have experience running groups, including support groups, organisational, supervision, and educational groups.

Asking for support is not always easy so please feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat about what therapy may involve or if you would like any more information.