Many children need help with school related problems. I conduct educational assessmentsaimed at measuring cognitive potential and functional levels in numeracy and literacy, identifying underlying learning difficulties or other disorders that may impact on learning, and determining school readiness.

Children sometimes struggle emotionally and have difficulty talking about their feelings. I use a range of quantitative and projective tools to explore the emotional functioning and needs of children that are referred for problematic behaviours or mood disturbances.

Play informs the way I work with children, adolescents, families and adults. Play Therapy offers child-friendly and effective interventions that can be used cross-culturally as well as with learners that experience physical, language and learning challenges.

My parenting skills and educator-in-service programs are designed to provide caregivers and teachers with skills that build relationships and cooperation while creating an emotionally nurturing classroom or home environment.

I claim directly from medical aids and will negotiate a discount for families without medical aid.