As a registered Counselling Psychologist I believe the aim of counselling and psychotherapy is to find ways to maximize psychological well-being, quality of life, and self-fulfilment.

From my practice, I have created a safe space where we can comfortably explore any difficulties or issues you may be facing. Outcomes include assisting you to achieve emotional and personal growth.

I’m often asked what counselling and psychotherapy really are. In a nutshell, I’d say that the process, however long or short it may be, is about assisting you to achieve emotional and personal growth while gaining deeper self-insight and awareness.

My work has enabled me to develop my expertise in specific areas; namely counselling and psychotherapy for adults including individual and couples, HIV/AIDS training and counselling, sex therapy and LGBTI+-based work.

Today my practice is geared to help a diverse range of individuals and couples who may be facing a wide range of difficulties such as adjustment (adjusting to university, marriage, divorce, bereavements etc), trauma, mild depression or anxiety issues, struggles with their career or other life stage challenges or questions around relationships, gender identity and sexuality, My approach varies depending on each specific person, because everyone is different. However, I believe we are complex creatures, with many feelings, thoughts, conflicts, and wishes we may not be aware of. This also means that I believe healing happens in the context of the relationship people develop with their psychotherapist. Therapy is about you. It is probably one of the few places where you can be yourself, free from expectations put on you by others.