Internationally trained couples counsellor, I am a passionate advocate for families. Having trained in Play Therapy I soon realised in practice, the more I helped the parents the quicker the children didn't need therapy any more. This got me to refocus my studies and invest in international couples training. I now base my couples work on the Gottmans methods, and then use additional tools from EFT (emotional focused therapy), SFT (solutions focused therapy), NVC (non-violent communication) and so on. This has had amazing results for the couples that have come to my office over the years.

I believe that most of us struggle with relationships and that the most overlooked 'significant other' in our lives is often the relationship you have with yourself! So my practice also works with individuals who are struggling in other relationships (with relationship issues such as poor self-worth, self-loathing & criticism; lacking direction & or desire; anger issues; feeling victim to one's bad habits or past struggles; toxic connections with family members; and so on). BWRT is an amazing new approach, based on neuroplasticity, helping clients deal with things that could have taken 6 months of therapy in often just 1 session!

My session hours are flexible. The most popular time slot is 80  minutes as it's a bit longer than an hour, yet not too long. Giving enough time for really delving into a session. I also offer 1/2 and full day options as clients drive far to see me.
There is also a private, one-on-one weekend marriage intensive option available, and clients that fly up for it love the restful, beauty of Hermanus over that time. It's an intense weekend, but it can be very fruitful.