I work from a combination of Humanistic, Existential and Cognitive Behavioural frameworks. As such, my approach to therapy is that it should empower an individual, through acquiring skills and self-knowledge, so they may overcome any challenges in the present and future. There is an emphasis on finding meaning in life, self-acceptance, changing unhealthy thoughts and learning from unpleasant experiences.

Compatibility between psychologist and client is a vital part of any successful therapy process. As is a safe environment in which one may express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. I am thus committed to establishing a healthy working relationship and a conclusive environment with each client.

As therapy should be accessible to everyone, a negotiable rate is available if necessary.

I also offer neuropsychological assessments of groups and individuals, for a wide range of purposes.

Services Include

  • Corporate Assessments
  • Custody/care Evaluations
  • Road Accident Fund Assessments
  • Medico-Legal Assessments