Hi, I’m Yolandé.  I help individuals and companies get to where they want to be.  As an Industrial Psychologist, I assist with the following -

Psychometric assessment: Do you need an objective method to select or develop employees? I provide testing used during the hiring process and employee development.  I also provide testing to help direct personal career choices, etc.

Career counselling: Do you know where you are heading in your career?  I provide assistance with choosing a career direction, rebooting your current career, starting a new job, career and subject choice assessment, etc.  For high school pupils, university students, graduates and working professionals of any age.

HR Management:  Do you have an effective method to measure staff performance?  Performance evaluations, performance management, and performance improvement processes are available to you.

Employee attitude and satisfaction:  Would you like to find out if your employees are satisfied or not? Employee engagement, performance derailers and issues can be measured and assisted with.

Employee wellness:  I provide Job stress related counselling, post-trauma counselling, worklife balance, preliminary assessment of work dysfunction or psychopathology, referral to appropriate heath care providers, assistance with employees with mental health issues in the workplace, training managers that manage employees with mental health issues, and “assistance with reasonable accommodation”, etc.

Interview preparation:  Do you need to prepare for an interview?  I help individuals to prepare to sit for an interview, whilst training managers to conduct interviews. Group workshops or individual sessions available.

Coaching:  Personal and professional development.  Starting a new job, increasing emotional intelligence, personal mastery, and career coaching are some of the coaching topics I focus on.

Organisational development:  I can assist with change management, climate surveys, conducting research focus groups, etc.

I follow a scientist-practitioner model, meaning that the techniques and tools I use are based on sound research in the field.  In addition, I collaborate with a network of health care providers to ensure that you receive the best service to fullfil your need.