I'm an Educational Psychologist who is based in the South of Johannesburg, in Vanderbijlpark. My practice focus area is children and young adults. The languages used at my practice to assist clients are: SiSwati, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa,SeSotho and English. Once in a while I do media work which involves psycho-education activities on radio stations and on magazines when I am afforded the opportunity to do so. People can also engage with me on social media ; for Facebook they can find me on https://fb.me/ZandieEdPsych and my twitter handle is zandie_o. The following programs are available at my practice : Babies in Mind (a workshop aimed to support new mothers connect with their children in the first few years of their life) and Read for Africa Phonographix (a reading programme that assist those struggling with reading and spelling). I believe in early detection and intervention because it is easier to assist when a problem is in it's early stages.