Coping Skills for Life – R350





TherapistBox is full of Self-Help Coping Skills for Adults, Adolescents & Children. It consists of 44 flashcards with coping skills in everyday life. Anyone can benefit from TherapistBox, Psychologist, Social Workers, Teachers, Parents, Occupational Therapist.
  1. Stop Technique
  2. Express my Feelings more Assertive
  3. How to start a conversation
  4. Instead of saying no rather say
  5. Grounding Technique
  6. Observe Don't Absorb
  7. Key Phrases in an Abusive Relationship
  8. Think Technique
  9. How to deal with a difficult situation
  10. Calm Coping Skills
  11. 5 Coping skills during a breakdown
  12. Anger - 5 Steps to Cope
  13. How to stop overthinking
  14. Self-Esteem Building for Children (i)
  15. Reflective Listing Skills
  16. Key Skills of Reflective Listing
  17. How to ask Question when Communicating
  18. Guidelines for Difficult Conversations
  19. Relationship Saver
  20. Why Children will not listen
  21. Anxiety Technique
  22. Self-Esteem Builders for Children (ii)
  23. Breathing Technique
  24. Good People Skills
  25. Wheel of Life
  26. Challenge Distorted Thoughts
  27. Challenging Maladaptive Assumptions (i)
  28. Challenging Maladaptive Assumptions (ii)
  29. Challenging Maladaptive Assumptions (iii)
  30. Identify your dysfunctional diagrams
  31. Learn to tolerate your anxiety
  32. Normalize your Anxiety
  33. Challenge your negative thoughts
  34. Learn from the past
  35. Schedule your worry time
  36. DBT Model
  37. V.I.T.A.L.S to Success
  38. Distress Tolerance
  39. Emotion Regulation Goals
  40. Emotion Regulation Skills
  41. Exhausted or Burdened and Anxious?
  42. Negative Thinking Patterns
  43. 6 Things mindful people do differently
  44. Create Smart Goals


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