The following factors have been found to be related to the presence of
suicidal behaviour. No single risk factor can be used to fully assess risk.
􀀀 Threats to hurt or kill self
􀀀 Previous suicide attempts
􀀀 Searching for means of suicide (pills, weapons, or other methods)
􀀀 Preoccupation with death and dying
􀀀 Recent losses
􀀀 Hopelessness
􀀀 Dramatic changes in mood
􀀀 Substance abuse (especially increasing use)
􀀀 Feeling as if there are no solutions to problems
􀀀 Withdrawing from social relationships
􀀀 Unable to sleep or sleeping all the time
􀀀 Family history of suicide
􀀀 Impulsivity or poor self-control
􀀀 Health problems (especially new diagnoses and worsening symptoms)
􀀀 History of psychiatric diagnoses