Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder, or HPD) is characterized by repetitive hair-pulling from different bodily
sites resulting in hair loss. Hair-pulling is a fairly common phenomenon, with a reported prevalence of between 2
and 2.5%. While the existence of this phenomenon has been recognized for more than a century, it is only
comparatively recently that it has been the focus of scientific investigation. The argument that HPD should be
considered a psychiatric disorder has received support from data demonstrating an association with psychological
and social dysfunction, and possible serious medical sequelae. Much about HPD remains unclear however, including
its diagnostic status, its underlying neurobiology, and its optimal management.

The first half of this presentation will focus on existing knowledge on the phenomenology,
psychobiology, pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy of this disabling condition.

The second half will entail presentation of preliminary data from a treatment trial that is currently being conducted
at SU.


Presenter:  Prof. Christine Lochner
Two sessions available
08H00 - 11H00
12H00 - 15H00 (repeat)
Cost:  R500 (discount available for students and interns)
HPCSA:    3 points awarded
SACSSP:  3 points applied for
Venue:  Old Trafford, Centurion Lake Hotel (1001 Lenchen Avenue,)
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