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Childhood Sexuality & Trauma

Perspectives on childhood sexuality from healthy to harmful

Belville Methodist Church
3 Krige Street, Boston, Belville

Content of the childhood sexuality & trauma training programme:

  • Childhood Sexuality in the context of South Africa
  • Sexual development in children
  • The continuum of sexual play to sexual abuse
  • Sex education for each developmental phase
  • Child trauma
  • Overview of therapeutic messages & interventions
    with children that have experienced sexual abuse
  • Overview of therapeutic messages & interventions
    for children with sexually inappropriate behaviours
  • What parents / caregivers need to know
  • Managing children with sexually inappropriate

Who would benefit:

social workers, social auxiliary, workers, psychologists, counsellors, child and youth care workers, teachers

About the presenter:

Edith Kriel, social worker and play therapist has over 23 years’ experience in working with child trauma and abuse

For more information and registration:

Please contact Natasha Botha on 072 233 3708 or


R1000 for 2 full day seminar (tea will be served but please bring your own lunch)

CPD points to be applied for

Click here to download the registration form


Marinda Reynecke

Marinda Reynecke

Counselling Psychologist

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