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A certain degree of self-centredness, pride and narcissism is to be expected during the adolescent years. Indeed, when one has a personality style considered narcissistic, he or she is usually a general healthy person in a psychological regard. However, such people, although arrogant and proud at times, do not rely on others to help them maintain healthy self- esteem, and they do not cherish unrealistic images of their skills and abilities.

On the other hand, teen narcissistic personality disorder takes a different form. Adolescents with this personality disorder are unable to establish a stable self-image that includes an accurate assessment of skills. They feel entitled to special treatment, and when they receive supposed slights to their impressive perception of their own skills and importance, they may become angry and sometimes violent.

Signs of Teen Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • Illusions about having exceptional success, attractiveness or power
  • Expectations of special treatment
  • Over-emphasis on achievements and exaggeration of one’s skills
  • Abuses other individuals
  • Need for constant praise and validation
  • Does not consider others’ feelings
  • Belief that others envy the person
  • Arrogant and overconfident behaviour
  • Developmental factors that contribute to teen narcissistic personality disorder
  • Excessive admiration that does not receive a balance of realistic feedback
  • Overindulgence from parents
  • Parents over-praise and value as a way to increase their own self-esteem
  • Severe childhood emotional abuse
  • Oversensitive temperament from birth
  • Untrustworthy or unpredictable care giving from parents
  • Learned manipulative behaviours from other sources


Marinda Reynecke

Marinda Reynecke

Counselling Psychologist

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