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Practical CBT: Applying CBT in Practice (Johannesburg)

Practical CBT is a short course that focuses on the practical “how to” of CBT. Especially designed for psychologists and psychology
students whom are interested in acquiring skills in CBT and would like to further their understanding of how to practically use CBT
as a therapeutic approach. This course includes lots of practical tips. Topics covered in the course will include:

• Essentials of CBT & things to consider

• The role of the thought journal in therapeutic work

• Explaining CBT to your client

• Case conceptualisation

• The role of patterns & beliefs

• How to listen for patterns and beliefs

• Asking the right questions

• Addressing Emotions in CBT

• CBT in a first session

• Anxiety & Exposure

• Depression

• Tips & Techniques

DATE: Friday 9 March 2018
TIME: 09h00 –17h00
COST: R1650 (Registration closes 28 Feb ‘18) Early Registration Discount Rate: R1500 (closes 10 Feb ’18) Register for both Applying CBT in Practice & Practical Case Studies in CBT (9 & 10 March ’18) R3000. Early Registration Discount Rate R2800
VENUE: African Footprints Lodge & Conference Centre 42 Pretorius Road, VornaValley, Midrand
ACCREDITATION: 6 CEU (Level 1) PSB002/045/11/2017

Presented by Cindy StrydomClinical Psychologist BA, BA (HONS), MA Psychology (NWU)

I am a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist with a preference for working predominantly from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic (CBT) paradigm . I developed an interest in CBT from my internship year and have since regularly attended courses to further my knowledge and expertise in the field of CBT. I have completed training accredited by the Albert Ellis Institute, based in New York City, in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), as well as training from The Beck Institute for Cognitive BehavioralTherapy. I work with adolescents, adults & couples using predominantly CBT.

I obtained my undergraduate, Honours and Master’s Degrees in Psychology at the North West University, Potchefstroom. I then completed my internship at 1 Military Hospital, and worked for an additional 2 years within the military system. Here I gained a wide range of experience by working with clients of all ages and within diverse settings and spectrum of problems. I have furthered my experience and knowledge since establishing private practice in 2012.

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Marinda Reynecke

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