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Welkom in 2016/Welcome in 2016!! Pretoria North Therapy Centre

Net so ‘n paar interessante nuusbrokkies vanuit die terapie-kantoor. 2 new therapists have joined our team; it’s Anelde Atterbury (Occupational therapist), Cherise de Beer (Speech therapist). It’s a privilege to welcome you, we hope that you will have a pleasant, learning experience with us and we know you will make valuable contributions to the lives of all your clients. We also have a new friendly face at reception, Chantel Greyvenstein who is organizing our diaries and attending to all your reception needs. Maureen du Toit het die praktyk bestuur leisels by Sanet du Preez oorgeneem vanaf Desember 2015.

To all the new members, good luck with your new duties and responsibilities. We as Pretoria-North Therapy Centre appreciate your dedication and look forward to your contributions as members of the centre. Roan Meintjies, a client of our centre has received a tremendous donation from Caring Daisies for hearing aids. Another unknown donator matched the donated amount from Caring Daisies. Roan and his parents are extremely grateful for the donations.

We trust that all our readers will have a wonderful 2016 filled with awesome opportunities and personal growth.

Terapie-groete; Engela Nell

Download the Pretoria North Therapy Centre Newsletter for January 2016 here: Newsletter/Nuusbrief – Thinking Discipline | January 2016 Volume 7 Issue 1

Marinda Reynecke

Marinda Reynecke

Counselling Psychologist

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