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Why has cause of narcissism permeated our world? The answer: Because we have not evolved (as a world society) to understand the necessity to create an authentic emotional self. To be ‘at one’ with ourselves, life and others is a very spiritual experience. To not be ‘at one’ is a hellish experience – this state is where narcissism is born. So what is the real cause of narcissism?

It’s simple: Every Act of Abuse Is Born From Emotional Pain, Fear and a Need to Control. When we are ‘at one’ there is no need to take, harm, maim, manipulate or lie. Narcissism is not a mental condition. It’s a spiritual / emotional condition. We’ve all been taught ‘me versus you’ and ‘survival of the fittest’. Society’s lack of authentic emotional training left us with the belief that ‘it’s weak’ to be authentic and real.

A narcissist feels terrorized at the thought of vulnerability (being emotionally honest), and develops a pathological false self to guard the unresolved emotional wounds.

The narcissist and many other individuals haven’t realized that establishing healthy boundaries and living truthfully in self-honoring ways keep us safe, and grants the freedom to be real, navigate our lives with authenticity, self-love, self-esteem and self-respect – whilst making decisions that work for the greater good.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence Training created:

• The Martyr / Co-dependent: “I lose you Win”, and
• The Narcissist: “I win you Lose”.

We can create “I win, everyone wins” mentality, and it’s time this awareness and training took place in homes and in society.

Marinda Reynecke

Marinda Reynecke

Counselling Psychologist

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